Needles & Pens presents...
2010 Calendar of Half-Frame Photos
Shot with a 1968 Olympus Pen EES-2 Camera in the land of California
by Andrew M Scott

What’s a Half-Frame Camera you ask? Well, a half-frame camera is a semi-obsolete device (made mostly in the 1960s & 1970s) that advances each shot only half of the distance that a normal format camera would. The result allows for two shots per frame instead of one and presto-change-o! - a 36 exposure roll of film instantly becomes 72 exposure roll. The true beauty of half-frame photography lies in the phenomenon of the ‘happy accident,’ the serendipitous effect of two random images being placed next to one another on a single print. In the last few years, I’ve assembled a small collection of these relics from strange places around the world. The camera pictured on the front of this package is the actual one used to take all of the pics on this calendar. It was acquired from a Japanese man for around 3000 Yen ($30 dollars) at a Tokyo flea market a few years back. And like most half-frame cameras I’ve encountered, it’s status of operation is a bit shaky – the lens is loose and stuck on a setting that only allows for shooting in bright sun light. But, despite it’s problems, I love it and can honestly say it’s a dependable shooter under said circumstances. Hey, thanks for reading and enjoy the calendar!

Best Regards,
Andrew @ Needles & Pens


• Measures 28" x 19" Flat / 4-Color Off-Set Printed in the San Francisco Bay / 70 lb. Matte Paper •
• Made with Vegetable-Based Inks / Edition of 500 Made / Packaged in a Protective Mylar Bag •


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