A Mostly
Photo Calendar
by Andrew Scott

I have five Olympus Pen half-frame cameras, none of them really work that well (light leaks, broken lenses, etc...), but regardless, I still love the effect they create. Two half frames of a photograph juxtapozed together on the same print makes a strange and sometimes beautiful result. This calendar is comprised some of those results over the last couple of years.
The photos were taken mosltly in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and a couple in Stockholm (...I'll let you decide which one's which). I put them all together and made them into a utilitarian, but aesthetically pleasing, calendar.
All photos are from analog film and all the fonts were hand drawn by a human and an ink pen... Yessireee. ...Get one so you know what day it is! Yeah, be totally on schedule! Yeah! you'll know what day it is. Yeah!
Send your mom a card on her birthday! - Andrew Scott


Measures 22.75"x35" flat,
4 Color Offset Printed
60# newsprint
edition of 1000


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