Hardland/Heartland: Us Doves
~ featuring new works (and zine release) by ~
Crystal Quinn,
Eric Carlson & Aaron Anderson.
on display
June 28th, 2008 - July 28th, 2008

For the past two years Minneapolis based artists Crystal Quinn, Eric Carlson and Aaron Anderson have been working together on drawings, paintings, installations, hand-made books and fashions under the title Hardland/Heartland. Drawing inspiration from their everyday lives the artists piece together an elaborate narrative of playful allegories, coded symbols and vivid imagery that illustrates the world as they see it around them.


(Left to Right) Crystal Quinn, Eric Carlson, and Aaron Anderson hanging their show

Untitled #1

(left to right) Eric Carlson, Aaron Anderson, and Crystal Quinn

Hardland/Heartland: Us Doves left wall and zine shelf

Crystal Shit and Eric Carlson

Hardland/Heartland overview with (with Hardland/Heartland t-shirt table)

Art connoisseurs of San Francisco

Outside (as the SF Dyke march went by)

Front wall, Crystal Quinn (right)

WE, and Untitled # 24
Untitled #26
Jump Zine creator, Jordan

Untitled #29

Hardland/Heartland left wall

Untitled #2

Friends, folks, and patrons

Untitled #3

Andrew McKinley, Jesse Van, et al...

Crystal Quinn with cohort Monica Canilao

Untitled #4

Jacob Tilman, friend, Breezy, and Crystal

The amazing zines of the Hardland/Heartland

The amazing zines of the Hardland/Heartland (part II)

(L to R) John Trippe, Jessica Cusik, and Jacob Tilman

(left) Untitled #7 and #8

Untitled #8 (detail)

Aaron Anderson, Monica Canilao, and Crystal Quinnl

Untitled #12

Untitled #12 (detail)

Aaron Anderson, Monica Canilao, and Crystal Quinnl

Untitled #11

Overview (left wall)
Untitled #9 and Untitled #10

Untitled #10 (detail)

Crystal Quinn and Eric Carlson

Untitled #18

Untitled #15 and Untitled #17



Untitled #5

Front wall

Untitled #30 (close-up)

Untitled #28

good folks

Untitled #19 and Untitled #20

Friendship tattoos

Untitled #13


Any Questions and/or Inquiries about purchasing artwork can be
directed to

NEEDLES & PENS, 3253 16th Street (btwn Guerrero & Dolores), San Francisco, CA., 94103
(415) 255-1534 | OPEN DAILY 12pm-7pm |