Hope Springs Eternal
Catalog for Needles + Pens'
Hope Springs Eternal Show
at 96 Gillespie, London England.

Opening February 29th, 2008 at London's 96 Gillespie - Needles + Pens' Hopes Springs Eternal showcases the work of 9 (mostly) San Francisco artists - Monica Canilao, Bill Daniel, Chris Duncan, Mat O'Brien, The Polaroid Kidd, Kyle Ranson, Sara Thustra, Paul Urich, and Andrew Martin Scott. The catalog accompanying the exhibition is a mind-bogglingly beautiful hand-made assembled gem. To call it a book, zine, or catalog is to sell it short, it in it's self, more closely resembles a piece of art. Each of the artists contributed two - five pages of silk-screened, stenciled, and/or hand-drawn pages which were sewn together by Monica Canilao. The covers were spray-painted and then Gocco printed by Andrew Martin Scott. 25 of these books will be available through N+P in San Francisco.


• Measures 8.5"x11", packaged in a vellum bag
• Over 50 pages of multi-colored, Silk-Screened, Stenciled, Photocopied,
and hand drawn imagery.
• Limited edition of 200 copies,
• Hand-Numbered, Sewn, and Assembled by the artists


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