Long View
by Maria Forde
Released in conjunction with her Needles & Pens solo show Advice Portraits, Long View is a zine project by Maria Forde that similarly deals with the concept of giving advice. Longview is comprised of portraits and words of wisdom from the residents of Forde's Grandmother's retirement home.

Maria describes it this way: "Life is confusing and complicated and I feel sometimes like I'm lost. Like I wish someone could point out the way for me. You know, explain how it all works. Because who wants to feel like they are bumbling along making mistakes and not learning from them? Just walking in a circle and not getting anywhere. So, I thought I'd go ask some people who made it a long way in life..." – Maria Forde

This zine is amazing, but don't take my for it, see what The San Francisco Chronicle says about it in this article.


- - - - -
• 36 Pages
• Measures 5.5" x 4.25"
• Color Card Stock Cover + Black & White Insides.
• Numbered Edition of 100
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