This is Home
By Monica Canilao

A beautiful little hard cover book full of photos, artwork, and the world of Monica Canilao put out by Rojo Books out of Barcelona Spain. A friend of Monica's eloquently describes this book as: "The miscellany of Oakland - a peculiar array of things that have been neglected, forgotten or lost over time. Trash kids with wooden eyes sit shaded under intricate lace awnings, while mystic war parties trudge down empty graveled streets. Old ghostly memories of hand holding, cobwebs, god’s eyes and dust. Monica Canilao effortlessly takes these ribbons of thought and process and sews them together with a pallete of dirt greens, piss yellow browns, bloody mouths, wooden bones and smoke. This is no escape or exaggeration - this is home." ...Lovely.


• 240 pages • Full-Color Glossy
• Hard Cover • Measures 4" x 6"


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