Needles & Pens Gallery


Coming to N&P Saturday August 1st, 6-9 pm:
3 P A I N T E R S: Ashley Fundora, Lauren D’Amato, Holly McHugh
with D.J. Sauvecito Souldies spinning soul jams.
Please join us in welcoming three emerging artists to the Bay Area
for a viewing of recent paintings.

The self-awareness gained being an identical twin informed this painting series and my investigation of one-self. These paintings explore the relationship between our socially curated digital identities and the reality of being. Through experimenting with different painting processes, techniques and color these works paint a portrait of who we are as a result of these contrasting systems and influences. As well as, blurring the line that divides our actual being from our preconceived virtual versions. Creating a conceptually layered work that questions the place of self in today’s equation.Ashley Fundora

My work has aesthetically grown from the influence of my family’s craft of sign making. I’ve enjoyed adapting their traditional and western styles to examine and process my own relationships to the imagery I grew up on. Some of it is personal reflection, but it’s all about the process of production which keeps me happy. Knowing I’m picking up somehow where they left off. – Lauren D’Amato

I use figure studies combined with found images, drawings, photographs and memory to piece together compositions that have a semblance of narrative. – Holly McHugh


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