Atelier Pica Pica + Henry Fey

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Atelier Pica Pica + Henry Fey
Opening Reception Friday July 28, 2017 from 7pm-10pm
On display through August

When I see people making ‘abstract’ painting, I think it’s just a dialogue and a dialogue isn’t enough. That is to say, there is you painting and this canvas. I think there has to be a third thing; it has to be a trialogue. Many works of the past, and of the present, complete what they announce they are going to do, to our increasing boredom. Certain others plague me because I cannot follow their intentions. I can tell at a glance what Fabritius is doing, but I am spending my life trying to find out what Rembrandt was up to. Painting and sculpture are very archaic forms. It’s the only thing left in our industrial society where an individual alone can make something with not just his own hands, but brains, imagination, heart maybe.– Philip Guston

About the artists:
Henry Fey was born in Los Angeles in the 90s and has recently graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has been featured in a solo art show at Good Mother Gallery in Oakland, California. Fey utilizes cut-outs and sketches, both digital and on paper which result in a layered process seen on his paintings. His work explores calligraphy and cartoons in conjunction with two-dimensional abstract painting, as a tool to add symbolism in abstraction.

Atelier Pica Pica is Boris Magotteaux (1978), Manuel Falcata (1979) and Jerome Degive (1980), all born and raised in Liege, Belgium. The collective has a very distinct, personal and yet somehow obvious universe. You will, provided you’ve kept somewhat of your inner child, be simply marveled by their simple constructions and colors. What seems simple at first, is in fact the result of a collection of multiple references and different techniques. Through photography, sculpture and painting, Atelier Pica Pica develops a very personal alphabet. A shape, subject or color skips from an art work or medium to the next with absolute fluidity and coherence. The sculptures influence the paintings that influence the photography and vice-versa. The three artists from Atelier Pica Pica produce all the paintings, drawings, photographs and installations.


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