Radical Mycology Book tour with Peter McCoy.

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Coming to N&P Wednesday, October 26th from 6-8pmThe Radical Mycology Book tour with Peter McCoy!
Fungi (i.e. mushrooms, yeasts, lichens, molds) are everywhere around us, forming symbioses with all plants and animals, and performing critical roles that keep complex ecological webs intact. And yet, most people are completely unaware of the incredible and ubiquitous nature of the Fungal Kingdom. In this part presentation, part mushroom roadshow, author Peter McCoy will present many means for dispelling this paradox. From the ecological importance of mushrooms and other fungi, to their rich history with human cultures around the world, to the increasingly profound potential for mushroom cultivation to address a range of pressing global issues, this special event will take you deep into the fungal realm. The result just may change the way you look at fungi, and the world at large. **This event is FREE!!**


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