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Scam #9 is the story of LA punk band BLACK FLAG’s first album “Damaged.” This iconic record and the times in which it came out were exciting. A new genre of music known as punk rock was being invented and Black Flag was trail blazing. This zine tells the story of a band that was selling out 3500 seat venues even before they had an album out (how is that even possible??).
Originally this story was written for the 30th anniversary of the release of “Damaged” for the LA Weekly by Lyle. The story that unfolded was way too massive to be compressed into the one that was used for the LA Weekly’s feature, so SCAM #9 is the extended, full-story version with input from Greg Ginn, Raymond Pettibon, Mike Watt, Henry Rollins, Kira Roessler, Dez Cadena, and Chuck Dukowski. Super great stuff.
• 60 Pages B/W
• 2-Color Risograph covers


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