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Established in 2003 by Andrew Martin Scott and Breezy Culbertson, San Francisco’s Needles & Pens is an arts space that showcases international and locally-made artist books, self-published zines, magazines, independent press, as well as, hand-made goods, jewelry, accessories; and visual artwork in a gallery setting. Since it’s inception, the mission of the space has been to create a dialogue between the artistic community and the general public of San Francisco by providing a venue in which artists can directly sell their creations – 50-60% of most items sold goes directly back to the artist that created it.

Over the last 12 years, having hosted over 85 gallery exhibitions (including one in London, England and another in Malmo, Sweden), N&P has evolved into a grass-roots hub of the city’s thriving arts scene that attracts both a local and an international scope of artists providing an integral “stepping-stone” type of service with it’s virtual open-door to beginning artists. For many, Needles & Pens is the first place to display anything they’ve created publicly. There have been countless throngs of successful local individuals who’s work was first shown in a zine or silk-screened t-shirt on the racks at N&P that later went on to greater acclaim. Among this spectrum of influential artists are: Tauba Auerbach, Monica Canilao, Bill Daniel, Hamburger Eyes, Maria Forde, Jay Nelson, Mat O’Brien, Emily Prince, The Polaroid Kidd, Kyle Ranson, Sara Thustra, and many more…

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