Oceans of Potions
An Exhibition of Gay Feminists Working both
Alone and Together on some Midnight Magic...

Curated by Edie Fake

Featuring the works of:
Math Bass, Maya Bookbinder, Edie Fake, Kim Kelly, Sam Lopes,
Dylan Mira, Leidy Churchman, Jason Fritz Michael, and Marty Winslow

On display May 2nd, 2008 - June 1st, 2008

Oceans of Potions

Edie Fake
Artists Lucy McLauchlan and Rich Jacobs check out zines from the show
Masks by Math Bass

"Stay Dead" by Edie Fake

Detail of "Stay Dead" by Edie Fake

"Gone to the Island" by Kim Kelly

Zines by Kim Kelly

Inside "Rico McTaco" zine by Edie Fake

Zines by Edie Fake

(left) "Cat Treats" by Jason Fritz Michael and Sam Lopes
(right) "Fish" by Kim Kelly

"Twins" by Sam Lopes and Leidy Churchman

"Untitled" (tattooed pelt) by Maya Bookbinder

"Untitled" (photo) by Sam Lopes

The Oceans of Potions crew

Detail of "Web" (silk screened print) by Edie Fake

"Worms" by Kim Kelly

(Left and Right) "Does She Know" & "Does She Know More"
by Kim Kelly, Dylan Mira, Maya Bookbinder

(Middle) "Dykes on Bykes #1" by Edie Fake

(Detail) "Dykes on Bykes #1" by Edie Fake
made with ball-point pen

(Large photo, left) "Spirit Photography, Brookdale Lodge"
by Math Bass and Edie Fake

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