When Breezy and I opened this place a year ago, we had no idea that our little shop would be embraced so whole heartedly by the local community. It''s pretty inspiring to think that a tiny, independent, and off the beaten path place like Needles & Pens can survive in an ungodly expensive city like San Francisco. The only reason we're still here is because of you all, and we know it. You all are responsible for keeping Independent Publishing, Independent Clothing Design, and the local Art Community thriving. It sounds dorky, but we're all in this together. - Andrew & Breezy, June 30, 2004

The One Year Anniversary Art Show
features these fine people:
Randy Lee Sutherland, Holey Coley, Jonathon Runcio, Elias Crouch, Pete Glover, Narangkar Khalsa, Shayna Roosevelt, Mary Scott, Maeve Sheridan, Meagan McColgan, Jimi Choi, Joel Cammarata, Kyle Ranson, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Brion Nuda Rosch, Mike Green, Mariah Gardner, Paul Costuros, Leanne Liang, Michelle Schlactha, Elizabeth Reilly, Raul Gonzales, Puerco de Nieves, Sarah Peterson, Naka one, Alex Rosmarin, Griffin McPartland, Judd Vetrone, Aki Raymer, Celeste Cooper, Chris Duncan, Tauba Aurbach, Christine Feutz, Mark Gonzales, Dan Johnson, Jarrett Mitchell, Amy Morrell, Libby Olguin, Kottie Paloma, Isaac Randozzi, David Benzler, Brook Dillon, Eric Davis, Cliff Carter, Sean Reynolds, Stephanie, Crews, John Dwyer, James Orlando, Maya Hayuk, Tara Lisa Foley, Lettie Jane Renne Kamp


Needles & Pens opened June 7, 2003
The one year party was on June 19, 2004
...and any more

Extra special thanks to all the folks that have volunteered their time to the space in the last year!!!: Kelly, David B, Skot, Melissa, Ray, Mike Louie, Kate, Heather, and Shoup!

And curated shows!!: Chris Duncan, Griffin McPartland, Melissa Merin, Kyle Ranson, Isaac Randozzi, Mary Scott, Sara Thustra, Ray Potes and the Hamburger Eyes!, Skot Cowgill, Andy Shoup, and David Benzler!!!
(...hope I didn't forget anyone)