Sara Thustra's Closet
with Special Guest Sy Loady

September 11th 2008
Cultural Center & Gallery

(934 Brannan St San Francisco, CA, 94103)

This is a list of Sara Thustra’s art pieces that will be auctioned off on Sept 11 2008 at SomArts gallery all of these pieces will be grouped as one single item, as one package, and all together. Starting bid five dollars. All art is signed, this is a small amount of my work, but a good representation of trips its what I have stored and left over, a lot of these paintings and props Have been drug around the country and beat up many times. Nothing in this box is pristine, its all been WELL used and represents that with scratches and stuff. It will all be packed nicely and safely (still not by gallery standards) but well. It all will be present at the event on the 11th in a box. Arrangements for delivery and or pick will need to be made that night. I’m available to help show this work and would like to if that’s at all possible. I’m happy and proud to donate this work to the coalition. I don’t have the means to take care of these things, at all and am busy working, my hope is that some ones takes them. None of these paintings, movie props, or show props, have been facilitated by any galleries. Some have showed in one once or twice but by far these things have been shown in punk venues, houses, on the street, at non-profits and in a few museums. The continued commercialization of non-commercial emotionally based community based art to skanky rich folks. Is a fucking inescapable drag, I’ve worked many jobs and hustles for this work because I don’t believe in people with money having all this worlds resources. I’m a community artist. That said who ever may buy this work its yours and I’m happy to help in anyway I can with whatever you want to do with it. I’m intense but surprisingly fun to work with. Anyway thanks for lookin it’s a celebration! And please come on out to the show. Xoxo Sara T

All Procedes Go Towards:
Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco Auction
Reframing Homelessness: Art for Walls, Roofs for People

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Friends, folks, and patrons

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