Are You an Outsider,
and Do You Like it There?
a collaborative exhibition by
Rich Jacobs & Tim Kerr
on display December 8th, 2007 - January 15th, 2008

Tim Kerr is most well-known as being the guitarist in the seminal Austin Texas skate punk band, The Big Boys (and later such influential acts such as Poison 13, Lord High Fixers, and the Total Sound Direct Action Committee). In the last decade, he's also taken to the visual arts and has been well received for his paintings. He's shown his artwork internationally, in Chicago, New York, London, and most recently Berlin. The works pay homage to the inspirational figures he's encountered throughout his life - artists, jazz musicians, poets, authors, civil rights leaders, etc... Kerr's work is the equivalent of a history lesson, but not the kind one would read in the average text book.  Rather, the individuals in Kerr's work are the unsung heroes of America, ...the little guys you don't hear about. Staring at the work, one can't help but be moved and overcome with the feeling to contribute something positive to the world, or as Kerr would demand, 'What are you doing to participate?'

Rich Jacobs, a recent San Francisco transplant, is an internationally recognized artist who's work has graced album covers, skateboard decks, and gallery walls around the globe. His work comes from personal interpretations of daily life and the people he meets. Positive energy and inspiration are key elements to Jacobs' work. His art is not limited to one realm, but rather he uses multidisciplinary styles such as street art, graffiti, pen and ink, painting, and even murals to convey his message. But much more than that, Jacobs is an instigator, the kind of person that pushes creativity. He began curating heavy weight group shows under the name MOVE over a decade ago, introducing the world to artists (that are almost household names at this point) like Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, Margeret Kilgallen, Thomas Campbell, and others. MOVE exhibitions have taken place in LA, New York, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

Rich Jacobs and Tim Kerr are old friends and collaborators. The two have shown together in New York, London, and now in San Francisco. Recently, they also came together to record a musical project, some of which they played live at the opening reception at Needles & Pens.

The artwork from this show is available for purchase.
Any questions and or inquiries can be addressed to

In addition, 80 zines were made to accompany the show
which are also available to purchase for $3 each