~ an exhibition of drawings, photos, neon, video and scratch ~
Tara Jane ONeil & Vanessa Renwick,
on display
August 1st, 2008 - September 1st, 2008

Rackle means to rock and rattle at the same time (a bit like a seizure). For example, it could be
used in a sentence such as, Mother: “Stop rackleing the baby’s crib, he’ll cry!” All this and more on
the occasion of the opening night shebang — A happening which will be accompanied by the
musical curlings of Tara Jane ONeil and the projected dissidence of Vanessa Renwick.

Cackle Cackle Racklers

Overview of left wall by Tara Jane Oneil. Nice Package neon by Vanessa Renwick

The Law of Impermanence by Vanessa Renwick (and various Spectra Polariod photos)

(Right) works by Vanessa Renwick

Tara Jane Oneil chats up a fellow at the opening

Cyclical Rooster by Tara Jane Oneil

What Sun Birds by Tara Jane Oneil

What Rainbow by Tara Jane Oneil

Books and prints by Tara Jane Oneil

Works by Tara Jane Oneil

Vanessa Renwick and daughter Montana

Bureaurats by Vanessa Renwick (Spectra Polaroid edition of 1)
Pure by Vanessa Renwick

Grandpa & Bill by Vanessa Renwick

Obey Nothing by Vanessa Renwick (Spectra Polaroids edition of 1)

Tara Jane Oneil tunes up outside N+P

Aardwolf by Vanessa Renwick

Need Help by Vanessa Renwick (Spectra Polaroids edition of 1)
Vanessa Renwick screening her film "Trojan"

Trojan by Vanessa Renwick (from 35mm film - Trojan)

Trojan Sunset by Vanessa Renwick - $600 (from 35mm film - Trojan)

Breezy and Orion

Sit Down#2 by Tara Jane Oneil

Tara Jane Oneil

What Box by Tara Jane Oneil

Tara Jane Oneil

(left) OH by Tara Jane Oneil, (right) Stand Off by Tara Jane Oneil

Cranes Chains Map by Tara Jane Oneil (right)

Soft ops by Tara Jane Oneil

Dead Dog by Vanessa Renwick (Spectra Polaroid edition of 1)

Robbed Food is Delicious by Vanessa Renwick

Tara Jane Oneil plays a musical set

Leaf Ball Flat by Tara Jane Oneil

What Puppeteer by Tara Jane Oneill

-------> Books by Tara Jane ONeil <-------

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Artist Bios:
Vanessa Renwick is a Portland Oregon based filmmaker and the founder/janitor of The Oregon Department of Kick Ass ( Renwick's 33 films and installations have screened internationally at sites such as The Andy Warhol Museum, MOMA/NY, The Bread and Puppet Theatre and the Kill Your Timid Notion Festival in Dundee, Scotland. She has worked and toured for many years with Bill Daniel and has also worked with Miranda July, Sleater Kinney, and William T. Vollmann. "Patriot Act", an installation concerning the USA Patriot Act and libraries, has found a resting place in the hallowed Prelinger Library in S.F.

Tara Jane ONeil has been dropping sounds and sights all over the northern hemisphere for the last 16 years. Her paintings and drawings have exhibited in NYC, Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Chicago, Portland, Toronto, and Louisville. Her art has also appeared on several record and book covers and in numerous publications, including Punk Planet, Venus, Plan B, Copper Press, Magnet, The Wire, and others. Two books of her artwork have been published: Who Takes A Feather (Map Press, Japan, 2003) and Wings. Strings. Meridians: A Blighted Bestiary (Yeti, 2007.)
As a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tara Jane ONeil creates melodic and experimental music under her own moniker and in collaboration with other artists, bands, and filmmakers. Her musical career started at the tender age of 19, when she played bass in the influential Louisville, KY, art punk ensemble Rodan. She has since collaborated with Papa M, Ida, Mirah, Michael Hurley, Jackie-O Motherfucker, among others, and has released five solo records under her own name. She has also scored soundtracks for films, theater, and performances, including work commissioned for CalArts and the Humana Festival of New American Plays. Since 2003 she has lived in Portland, Oregon. She works from her garage studio or the back of moving vehicles.

Cackle Cackle Rackle in the press:
Art pics of the show
• San Francisco Weekly : "Tara Jane Oneil is Taking over San Francisco!

All photos © Andrew Martin Scott
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