~ Three Records ~
by Chrissy Piper

Los Angeles based photographer, Chrissy Piper, poses a simple question to the people that she meets - "What are three records that changed and/or inspired your life?" She takes the answers, pairs it with the person's portrait, and adds it to the pages of her zine. The zine is aptly called, you guessed it, THREE RECORDS. The first issue had over 50 people, the second 66, and the third continues the tradition with a horde of people and their records of choice.
Some of the people featured in Three Records are: Chris Duncan, Blake Schwarzenbach, Ben Sizemore, A.C. Thompson, RIch Jacobs, Karoline Collins, Amy Watson, and so many, many, more!
For her show at N+P, Piper will be crammed the gallery walls with her stunning black & white photographs of the list-makers and their respective Three Records.

opening reception
August 15, 2009
at Needles + Pens • 3253 16th Street • SF, CA. 94103
(On Display Through September 20th 2009)

Aesop Rock, Allyson, Rich Jacobs, Kate Horowitz, and little Spencer

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• 8.5"x5.5"
• 68 Pages
• Photocopied

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*Show On display through September 20th, 2009

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