Needles & Pens + Hot & Cold presents:


The last of three satellite zine art exibitions running in conjunction with the Yerba Buena Center for the Art's The Zine Unbound.

Among the artists featured will be:
The nomadic film maker Bill Brown and his zine Dreamwhip, Punk Planet columnist and cartoonist Janelle Hessig and her zine Tales of Blarg, Erase Erata guitar player Sara Jaffe and her zine Long Ago and Right Now, Maximum RocknRoll columnist and Rhode Island artist Mike Taylor and his zine Scenery, graphic wizard and clip-art pack-rat Sean Tejaratchi and his zine Craphound, up and coming Illustrator of book/record covers Cristy Roads and her Green Zine, Former Maximum RocknRoll Coordinator/Needles & Pens co-owner Andrew Scott and his zine Sobstory?, Soulful wood block printer Icky Apparatus and his zine Nosedive, and last but not least, the talented film-maker Greta Snider of the late great Mud Flap zine.

The Copyist Conspiracy focuses on nine zine makers whose photocopied works were spawned from the1990s punk rock movement. Displaying art work, photos, and paste-ups that have gone into their xeroxed creations for over the last 10 years, the Copyist Conspiracy explores these 9 zinesters contributions to the world of small press and inadvertently the aesthetic of contemporary punk culture.

In addition, to the art on the walls the event will also serve as a zine release party welcoming new issues of Sobstory?, Tales of Blarg, and Scenery into the world.

Saturday November 19th, 6-9pm

Sean Tejaratchi's paste-ups for his "OPO" zine

Drawing by Bill Brown of Dreamwhip zine

Sobstory? factory by Andrew Scott

photos from Sobstory? zine by Andrew Scott

Scenery #19 and art by Mike Taylor

Crystal, Aaron, and Sara

Mudflap 3-D by Greta Snider

Spreads form Sean Tejaratchi's opossum zine "OPO"

Page form Sean Tejaratchi's opossum zine "OPO"

Telephone pole print by Icky Apparatus of Nosedive zine

more copyist conspiracy photos >>>