Hope Springs Eternal
at London's
96 Gillespie Gallery
on display February 28th, 2007 - March 22nd, 2008

In March of 2008, Needles & Pens traveled to London England to put up an exhibition of mostly San Francisco artists at 96 Gillespie Gallery. Among the artists involved were Monica Canilao, Bill Daniel, Chris Duncan, Mat O'Brien, The Polaroid Kidd, Kyle Ranson, Andrew Martin Scott, Sara Thustra, and Paul Urich. Hope Springs Eternal showcased ink drawings, paintings (solo and collaborative), prints, photographs, and a site-specific installation. In addition the exhibition was accompanied by a hand-made book (released in a limited-edition of 200) created by the artists. The making of the book was also blogged up on

Tubed it straight to the Gallery. Actually, this was pretty much the routine for the first 3 days.

This house was on the route. I think if I lived in London I'd paint my fence posts this way too.

Here we are at Gillespie Road. I've heard that the author Nick Hornby lives around here, oh and John "Rotton" Lydon grew up in the neighborhood.

96 Gillespie Gallery

Day 1, Kyle Ranson and Breezy trying to make sense of the art bomb that exploded as we unpacked all the work

Kyle found some rad frames down the road (check out the little neighborhood girl peering through the window).

She stood there for like an hour checking out our scene.

Kyle Ranson with Paul Urich on the day he arrived. Paul was in the (self-described) "jet-lagged wierdo" state of consciousness.

Day 3, installing Chris Duncans string sculpture. Kelly Wiemer is a master of knot tying. She must have been a salty sea dog in her former life.

Kyle and I took a walk around Stoke Newington on the day of the opening and ended up in...

Abney Park Cemetery

The place is an over-grown shrubbery covered phenomenal goth paradise.

We high-tailed it back and the opening was in full-swing.

Kyle, Paul, and the art connoisseurs of North London. (God, it was heavenly to not be the one hosting the art show for a change - Thank You Pat Graham!).

Work by Chris Duncan


Owls by Kyle Ranson and Monica Canilao (collaborative)

Some girls digging the book we made for the show

Sara Thustra piece

Breezy was stoked that Gee Vaucher showed up at the opening.

Kyle Ranson's work

Wolf (collaborative) piece by Monica Canilao and Kyle Ranson

Bill Daniel and Polaroid Kidd pics

Paul Urich's giant 7 foot tall piece.

Mat O'Brien

Paul Urich and Sister

My pals Canderson and Lily were in town from Berkeley. Here she is with the dudes from the Black Time

Monica Canilao piece

London pals - Holly, Ryan, and Jenny

Breezy and Kyle

That about wraps her up... after the show we jumped on the tube and headed to a bar....
These photos originally appeared as a blog by Andrew Scott on

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