Silent Pictures
book release and photographic exhibition by
Pat Graham
on display October 12th, 2007 - November 30th, 2007

Pat Graham has spent the last nineteen years behind the lens of a camera snapping photographs. Graham’s pictures document life, but more specifically the life of music and those who play it. - Tours, broken down vans, merch tables, adoring fans, blown amps, couches, busses, motel rooms, truck-stops, and the not always sensational glory of rock’n’roll. His images have graced the covers and inserts of the iconic albums of bands that forever changed the direction of music. He’s toured and driven vans all over god’s green earth with bands, especially Modest Mouse. Graham’s photos have appeared in practically every major music and weekly publication in Europe and the U.S. In addition, his photographs are part of the permanent collection at the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, Washington and the Arlington Cultural Affairs in Virginia. He currently lives in London, England where he runs the 96 Gillespie Gallery with wife Melanie Standage.

Akashic Books of Brooklyn New York recently released SILENT PICTURES, a collection of Graham's photos from the last 19 years. Pat's show at Needles + Pens displays the inner-workings of creating the book, from scribled notes, photocopies, pre-press dummys, out take photos, to the final completed version of the book.

The artwork from this show is available for purchase.
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First 20 copies are signed by Pat Graham.

Needles + Pens'
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