~ Stolen Land ~
a solo exhibition by
Other a.k.a. Troy Lovegates
on display
November 21st, 2008 - December 31st, 2008

Wander-lust ridden graffiti artist, Other, has scrawled, spray-painted, and pasted his beautiful, highly detailed, and often solemn-faced characters on the walls and doorways of buildings around the world. His work has mysteriously appeared in such distant places (far from his native Canada), as, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Bucharest, Fez, and Lima, Peru. However, it is on the elusive freight trains of the extensive North American railroad system that the majority of his imagery is on display. It is a rare treat to have a large collection of the artist’s work assembled in one location.

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from Other's Stolen Land

Overview of Stolen Land by Other

Stolen Land opening night attendees

(RIght) Moroccan Tranny by Other (mixed media)

Moroccan Tranny by Other close-up

Opening night attendees

Baby In Hand (left) and W.C. (right) by Other

(left) photo of freight train, and (right) Yawner by Other

Assorted lino-cut prints and Quack (bottom) by Other

Opening night attendees

Opening night attendees

(L to R) Prey, Pig Head, Floating Head, Shadow People, and Swept Away by Other

Left Wall of Stolen Land

Stolen Land left wall

Breezy, Alianna, and friend

Assorted lino-cut prints and a photograph by Other

Pig Head by Other

(clockwise from left) Hobophobic, Empty Soul, and Seat by Other

Seat by Other

Hobophobic by Other

Opening night attendees

Opening night attendees

Guest in My Own Home by Other

Rising Sun by Other

Opening night attendees

Daser by Other

Opening night attendees

Shadow People (left) and Swept Away (right) by Other
Head on Floor with Antlers by Other

Why We Do What We Do by Other

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