Dave King Solo Show

Needles & Pens Gallery

Coming June 12, 2013 to N&P –
Dave King‘s Odd Alcove
A Solo Show and book release for The Rise and Fall of the Crass Symbol
Featuring: photographs, graphics (including the CRASS symbol), photo-objects, stencil pieces and wood constructions. Show contains hi-art, lo-art, photobooks and more.
Opening Reception 7:00-9:30 – Friday July 12, 2013

“Dave King was born in London not long after the Second World War, when there was still food and clothing rationing and children played in mysterious and hazardous bomb sites, between rows of bland and un- damaged terraced or semi-detached houses. It was a grey world which didn’t see much colour until the economy finally improved in the Sixties, which were nothing if not colourful. To avoid a job as a bank clerk, King went to Art School (where he met Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, later of Crass.) For the next ten years he worked as a graphic designer and art director before “retiring” to the communal house that eventually became home to the band. He then moved to New York and fell happily into the Downtown music scene of the late Seventies, joining the band Arsenal. He did illustrations for the Museum of Modern Art and the logo for downtown club Danceteria as well as graphics for many bands. His band then moved to San Francisco in the early Eighties (a very interesting time in the California punk scene), becoming Sleeping Dogs, which appeared (as did Arsenal) on Crass Records. Today Dave King still lives in San Francisco, still designs logos and works on his own graphic, photographic and film projects.”Boing Boing


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