Golden Source Power Three

Needles & Pens Gallery

Thanks for coming out to The Golden Source Power Three, collaborative Works by Jesse Balmer, Niv Bavarsky,& Michael Olivo.




Golden Source Power Three
Collaborative Works by
Jesse Balmer, Niv Bavarsky,
& Michael Olivo

Jesse Balmer, Niv Bavarsky and Michael Olivo started drawing together early in 2012. The drawing sessions, which were initially for amusement, became herapeutic and mind expanding for all three artists. Each learning their distinct roles in two or three way collaborations helped solidify each artist’s personal voice in a way unique to the collaborative process. Many drawings were completed, and surprisingly, few ended as failures. This show is an opportunity to see very nearly all the drawings, in a variety of mediums, that the three completed together after a year of collaboration.

Golden Source Power Three will be on display February 8 through March 3, 2013


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