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Needles & Pens Gallery

We’re tickled pink to introduce you to our new guest curator Amanda Roscoe Mayo, she’s got some rad stuff up her sleeve for the gallery at N&P this fall starting August 16 with Something At Every Moment:


Something At Every Moment
Elizabeth Bernstein, Robin Juan, Gui Komel, James Scheuren

On display August 16 – September 10, 2013
Opening Reception August 16, 7-9:30pm

Something At Every Moment takes the home, or places with personal meaning to others, and investigates the marks left by those who frequent those spaces. Elizabeth Bernstein enters the living spaces of others and photographs isolated belongings, elevating them to monumental status. Robin Juan creates altars of sorts dealing with the personal experience of past, present, and future focusing on the symbolic significance of the number three. Gui Komel presents work charged with personal meaning photographing sites that were significant to the day his father was hunted down in Brazil. He also finds treasures tucked away in places most would find solace, like bookstores and attics. James Scheuren’s beautiful images deal in large part with architectural moments, BMX Cloud Scape (2012)—a wall used during BMX tricks showcases its memory through the mark of the tire left behind. All in all these items and these spaces have significance to those continually spending time there. These artists offer perspective and record, a look into the sacred space of others, highlighting the “something” in every moment.

*curated by Amanda Roscoe Mayo


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